Our list of Florida manufacturing partners is growing, click on the name below to visit the home sites of our manufacturing partners. If you are a manufacturer, we invite you to join the Florida TRADE team.


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    For more information on partnering with

    us, contact:

    Kathleen Adams
    Administrative Services Specialist
    Florida TRADE Consortium


Bing Energy

Boar’s Head Provisions

Bovie Medical Corporation


Buttercrust Boheg

C-5 Biotechnologies


Cardio Command, Inc.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Central Florida Box Corporation

Chasco Machine & Manufacturing

Chromalloy Castings

City of Tallahassee Public Works

Clark Dietrich Building Systems

CO 2 Meter

Coca Cola

Command Medical

Commercial Medical


ConMed Linvatec

Correct Craft Inc.

Costa Del Mar

A & N Corporation

Accuform Signs

Adams Air and Hydraulics

Advanced ProtectionTechnologies

Aero Turbine

Airdyne Aerospace, ING.

All American Printing

Alumi Guard

Amazon Hose & Rubber Company

American Panel

Ameritech Die & Mold South

AO Precision Manufacturing

AME International


Anexa Biomedical

Anvil Iron Works, Inc.

APEX Machine

ARC of Volusia

Arizona Chemical


Atlas Sign Industries

Awareness Technology

BAE Systems


Bauer Foundation Corporation

Beckman Coulter, Inc.

Belcan Engineering Group

Berg Steel Pipe

Heat Pipe Technology


Hernon Manufacturing


Hoerbiger Corp. of America

Hoover Pumping Systems

Hot Pie

Hudson Technologies

Hydro Dyne


Idex Corporation


Instrument Transformers

International Baler

Invision Automotive Systems, Inc.


QTM Inc. + MES

R & D Reps Inc. 


Renegade Light Sport Aircraft

Residential Elevators


Robert Arthur Machinery

Rochester Electro-Medical, Inc.


Rockwell Automation


S4J Manufacturing

S & S Metals


Sea Robotics

Seal Aftermarket Products

Seminole Precast

Shaw Development

Signature Brands

Skybridge Resources

Smart Companies

SmartScience Laboratories, Inc.

Soft Battery

Southeast Bottling & Beverage -

                      Tampa Bay Copack

Southeastern Metals

Southern Manufacturing Technologies

Southern Wine & Spirits

Sparton Electronics

SPD Solutions, Inc. 

STC Safety


Stenner Pumps

Sufedel America

Syn-Tech Systems

SV Microwave Inc.

Miscellaneous Sheet Metal

Mitsubishi Power Systems America

Modern Technical Molding @ Develop.


Naarden, Inc.

National Beverage

Norris Precision Manufacturing


Orbital Corporation

Taco Bell


Tampa Brass

Tampa Electric

Teledyne Oil & Gas


The Mosaic Company

Thomas & Betts

Thunderbolt International, Inc. 

Tucker Construction


Vac Con

Velocity Machine Works


Weather Engineers, Inc.

Web Direct Brands, Inc.

Wheeled Coach

Winco Manufacturing

Withlacoochee Technical Institute

World Housing Solutions

Wynn's USA


Manufacturing Partners Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Assist in the identification of skills and knowledge required for an entry-level position in your 

  manufacturing sector.

  2. Review and provide feedback for proposed Florida TRADE program curricula to assure that the

  curricula meets the needs of manufacturers

  3. Support the Florida TRADE project by:

  -   Promoting Florida TRADE programs and services

  -   Providing internship opportunities  for Florida TRADE program participants

  -   Providing job opportunities if appropriate for Florida TRADE program graduates

Lighthouse Media Productions

Lockheed Martin

Logus Corporation

Decimal Inc.

Delta Fountains


Dixie Tank

Duval Container


EB Airfoils

EB Stimpson


Evoqua Water Technologies


Farmer Mold & Machinery Works

Faringher Machinery

Fleet Readiness Center Southeast

FlexSol Packing Corp.

Florida Organic Aquaculture

Florida Power & Light

Florida’s Natural Growers

Fort Walton Machining

Gates That Open

GE Aviation

Gerdau Steel

Giles Electric


Gosan USA

GT Technologies

Palm Coast Data

Paradigm Precision

PEG Professional Engineering Group

Pelican Wire Company Inc.

Performance Designs

Petersen Metals

PAC Seating Systems

Pharma Works Inc.

Phoenix Metal Products

Phoenix Wovel

Plasma Therm

Polaris Connectors

Polygon Solutions, Inc.

Precision Electric

Precision Manufacturing

Pro QC International

Pro Tolls

Pursuit Boats