The Florida TRADE Consortium is a group of 12 state and community colleges located throughout the state of Florida. Florida TRADE’s Mission is to develop and deliver accelerated training programs that upon completion would allow program participants to:

  • Upgrade current skills and knowledge
  • Learn new skills
  • Gain industry-recognized technical certifications
  • Earn academic credits toward college degrees
  • Procure employment

The Florida TRADE program is designed to deliver accelerated training that can be completed in 3-6 months (depending on the program) and that lead to internships and jobs in manufacturing.

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DRIVE TO 1,000!

The FL TRADE Consortium has launched a statewide campaign to place 1,000 FL TRADE students into manufacturing jobs by September 30th, 2016.

Track our progress as we

DRIVE TO 1,000!

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Jobs currently placed to date.

Smart Choice Video

Manufacturers: Finding productive and well trained employees can be a challenge. Find out why hiring a Florida TRADE student is The Smart Choice! The Florida TRADE program has students with the skills you need and the training that applies directly to the jobs that you have available. Are you ready to enhance your current workforce and have insider access to the state’s best trained future employees? Click here or view video below.

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Made in Florida Video

Florida is well known for many things from its relaxing and beautiful beaches to its reputation as popular tourist destination. However, there is a lot more than just palm trees and amusement parks in Florida. Some of the products that you use and benefit from everyday are Made in Florida. Come along on an exciting journey and explore the manufacturing that is happening throughout the state and learn about some of the awesome high-tech equipment and techniques that individuals just like you get to use every day to create their company’s trademark products. You may even find that you recognize many of the unique and useful products that are made right in your backyard.  Click here or view video below.

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I needed to change careers and this program provides me with both the credentials and hands on experience to do that.

Student - St. Petersburg College's FL Trade Program

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Luma Stream

This is an extraordinary opportunity for students. They not only learn their specific job but how their job impacts the organization. The college has moved at an astounding pace to make this happen.

CEO - LumaStream